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pads have less functionability than laptop
Goog Docs are harder on pad. Found to be frustrating. Save to server works better. Kids need to learn to save and find docs on server.
more tedious to use
content created on pad is easily viewed on the pad but when needs to be printed or shared in some way, the school tech person needs to be involved to create the infrastructure to facil. that b/c it’s not easy.
can’t share it b/c personalized functions. If one is personalized for one student in period one, it can’t be passed to a student in period two b/c it’s been set up for one student.
can’t hand off to next class of kids b/c personalized functions
ow to make existing network service pads?
Apple and Flash are not friendly so there are some limitations inherent in that (video and animations). Web simulations that use flash (eg. physics) won’t work.
App base is great in some ways. (SoundNotes or Goodreader allow notes and sound) Very specific and useful apps.
Not great for word processing.
Be sure goals in classroom are met by specific advantages of a pad over a laptop.
Has some organizational advantages for some kids who need it.
Typing on pad is inefficient.
LD kids find them easier. Notes, organization, email.
Good tool for consuming content (zines and PDF textbooks)
Accessing work in a cloud-based site works well
Little Red has implemented a lot of work around solutions like printing
Not a replacement for a laptop. It’s a personal instrument. Not a shareable piece of hardware.
Sort of between a cell phone and a laptop. Personalized tool like a phone but with more functionality.
Little Red allows kids with pads to access the internet.
There is no one silver bullet piece of hardware.
Excel is hard to use on it.
Some schools want to get rid of textbooks to reduce weight.
New pads that have two screens have a little more functionability.
PDF textbooks that allow taking notes are on the horizon and avail on either pads or laptops.
Question is what do we want kids to be doing, then find the tech to support it?
Use as a personal tool (org, time management)
Elegant for consuming (read books)