Open Space #1

How are we or should we be assessing student disposition toward learning? K-12
Sergio Alati and Liz Woodall

· Staying away from saying that kids are bright
· We are a skill-based society
· Skills are becoming soft – we can name them more and nobody isn’t saying this is the core, yet we do not have a tool kit
· What knowledge will students need? Achievement Gap by Wagner makes great points and if we are headed in that direction, we need to be accountable for learning
· What conversations are we having with students about set backs and where to go from there?
· Morning Meeting to role play the buckets of navigating failure and difficult journeys of learning
o Theme in Primary School is “…YET”: Concept that we can all learn and if we are having difficulty, we can do it; we just can’t do it… yet…
o What are the topics of not having a fixed mindset or unhealthy student disposition?
o Starting a Journey: Setting Goals
o What to Pack: Tools to help you reach your goals
o Using the right fuel: working smart vs. working hard
o What happens if you get lost: How do you get back on track
o The Importance of Pulling over to the Side of the Road for a Rest: allowing for breaks and pauses for reflection
o Taking Back Roads VS Highways: The speediest way to reach a goal is not always the best.
o Getting along in the Car: When your goal involves teamwork
o Overcoming Obstacles
o Re-charting a path that is blocked
o Celebrating Our Arrival: Taking time to enjoy and reflect on our accomplishments
o Students share .. . .Yet moments
· Coaches challenging student to take the next step forward
· Term “teacher” has an implicit hierarchy vs. using the phrases “coach” or facilitator”
· Touch points for parents – helping parents to understand when their child is supposed to fall apart – not taking it personally
· When do we give students the opportunity to articulate how we need to grow?
· Giving students a chance to have them articulate how much pressure they feel from parents