What does passion look like? Answer: Different things to different people which makes it complicated

Reserved demeanor vs. wearing it on your sleeve

You can validate feelings to show engagement/passion without taking on the "energy" of the person with whom you are dealing...

Be true to who you are, but also recognize what each individual teacher/student/family needs from you....there's a bit of "theater"

Some people just need to vent...we want to solve problems and fix it "That must be so hard for you" is a useful phrase as is " What would you like me to do about this?" "How can I support you?"

When is it appropriate to have the teachers manage their own issues? Will you be viewed as unhelpful?

"Collecting problems"...taking too much on, sometimes unable to follow through...credibility comes into question

Allow space for teachers (individually or in groups) to vent publicly...especially in times of uncertainty or change

How much of yourself do you share, and what effect does it have on your professionalism?

Helps to get feedback from your teachers...make time for them to give you feedback in an anonymous format

We are sometimes viewed as unconditionally siding with our teachers rather than our parents

Division head "intervention" can be viewed sometimes as overstepping the authority of the teacher in the classroom

If a parent comes to you about a teacher, do you go directly to the teacher with the feedback?