Open Space #B
Library – What are we doing with them?
January 27, 2011

  • Books vs. non-fiction books?
  • Do we call them libraries of information/media centers
  • How is library used for research and to exchange ideas?
  • Lower school classroom libraries vs. library itself and who chooses where the books go?
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum that ties PS subjects to library books read
  • MS and US – with laptop program, less computers in the library
  • Taking down a few walls so that it isn’t as confined and exclusive
  • Changing furniture and getting kids’ input
  • Looking at creating nooks and having bean bag chairs
  • Do you need a big research desk or can kids check their own books out like at a grocery store
  • What makes a librarian successful in working with faculty? – personality of librarian, content knowledge, openness to taking feedback and suggestions; being a listener
  • Librarian has understanding of a classroom
  • A library with a café?
  • Having learning resource people in the library
  • Laptop schools and the impact on libraries
  • Libraries used for other things that do not include children – how do we navigate that?
  • Are teachers not using the library? Do you need a library?
  • If building a school, would you need a librarian? Esp. with tech programs
  • Has environment of librarian changed where they are not shushing kids?
  • Lower School – cozy place to read
  • Upper School – more of a study-based environment
  • Middle School – somewhere in between
  • Looking at a stack of rooms, not one room with mix of printed and tech resources