Schools of the Future
Pat Bassett

Essential Questions
What do we teach given the changing nature of 21st century expectations for the well-educated?
What kind of teachers do we need to hire?
How do we attract reward and retain those teachers?
How do we assess learning, the outcomes of what we teach?
How do we change?

Other Questions
How do we maintain our institutional mission and integrity given the consumer mentality among independent school parents?
How do we deliver what we teach?

Projecting forward, what do we already know the 21st century will either demand or reward?
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Disaster training
  • Cross cultural intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Being able to assess and interpret information
  • Technology skills
  • Ethical decision-making

Pat Bassett’s 6 Key Skills for 21st Century Learning
  1. Character – integrity, moral courage, ethical decision-making, persistence
  2. Critical Thinking – currently do a pretty good job with this.
  3. Communication – writing skills, which we do a pretty good job with, and public speaking, which we do a less good job with.
  4. Creativity – Dan Pink and Ken Robinson, because we can outsource the logical thinking skills and administrative skills to the rest of the world, a premium will be paid for those with creativity.
  5. Leadership – in most schools, leadership emerges haphazardly and without deliberate leadership training. We need to train leaders.
  6. Teaming – collaboration, cooperation. Currently happens after school for the most part, in sports, extra-curriculars, and clubs. What would teaming look in class, not just outside class? Perhaps project-based learning in teams – a grade for the net result of the team project, and then a grade from the other members of the team for your contributions.

Recommended Books
Tony Wagner – The Global Achievement Gap
Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind
Tough Times Tough Choices (an update of A Nation at Risk)
Howard Gardner – 5 Minds for the Future
Gus Leach – Courage
Rushworth Kidder – Moral Courage

Parent Covenants – here are our core values and expectations for behavior that is in line with those core values and here is what we will do if your behavior does not reflect those values.

Role play bad things that happen among students. Have them go through real situations.

At the end of the day, kids need to love school because their level of engagement will track with their success in school

CWRA Test of Critical Thinking