Faculty Evaluation

St. Bernard's - new system/form
Knowledge of Subject/Teaching
Getting Along with Students/Families
Professional Development

Division head does all teachers in division. Head goes over them all. Peer visits are also assigned.

How often? All faculty first year, but not sure how moving forward.

Contract time is also a review.


Different cycle for new and veteran teachers. Primary and secondary evaluators. Formal and informal evaluations. Four observation reports by end of year, plus a comprehensive evaluation report. Report template based on agreed-upon Tenets of Teaching.

Struggles: Who owns the evaluation process? Evaluation vs. professional development. Difference between reaction of new and veteran faculty. Is the process too cumbersome?

Faculty can write a response to written feedback.

Supervision vs. evaluation vs. intervention.

Probationary period? But what about yearly contracts. Some schools first one or two years. One school has a 30-day opt-out clause for school and teacher.

Buckley Country Day
Goal-setting conferences with every teacher at the beginning of the year - done collaboratively. Goal update conference. Not "formal" but gives everyone feedback each year. Formal evals are on a 3-year cycle.

Peer observation

Stymied for years by the enormity of the task. Now: See eval as professional development. Many informal visits. Focus on the kids. Teaching is a lonely task. This year decided that every teacher deserves a sit-down to discuss teaching. Two prearranged whole-class meetings. Need to be better at giving teachers positive feedback. Enough to spot problematic teachers, who don't see their own issues.They fill out a form before talking; also discuss recent professional development experiences. Feeling easier than I thought it was.

Portfolio Work?

Pat Basset - Give evaluation to faculty. Schools know who the problem teachers are. Address those issues separately.

French American School
What about peer observation aspect?

Corlears School
Charlotte Danielson
Feedback and Evaluation - Administration and peer feedback.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
New teacher mentoring program and classroom visits followed by a letter from the division heads.
What are the elements of good teaching.
Ongoing conversation but with formalized aspects.

Faculty have invested lots of time in process. Role of teachers also expands beyond the classroom. Best practices.

Cynical of peer review. Only going to hear the good. Growth vs. evaluation.

Critical Friends Groups can be great or really bad. Not for everyone. How do schools find time for it.

Issue we face: Years of growth-oriented feedback comes back to bite us when a teacher simply isn't working out.

Professional Children's School
30-day clause in first year. After the first probation year, teacher is more established and gets different type of feedback. Now a legal protection for teachers.

Key is to build trust. Not out to get you. But sometimes we ARE out to get them - if they're not working out. How do we reconcile those?

Forms - Narrative or scales/checklists/rubrics?