NYSAIS 2011 Community Service Open Session

In house buddy prgm. oldr kids pair with youngr
Help shut-ins in NYC
Food Drive
toy drive
Who runs comm serv program in the school that is meaningful and consistent
Ethics program tied to comm serv. Comm serv is the “hand” part of ethics
recycling (in school)
Elderly care at local facil
run though homerooms so they can process the exper.
Senior Care activities w/ seniors 2x/year
Sort food at food bank
Some schools have parents facil.
Sustaining efforts is hard
Work with school in Newark
Some schools have a Comm Serv. requirement. They do activities on own and log in w/ a coordinator
Concern about focus on fundraising
Concern about one-offs
Sandwich making each week after school
Designated days when kids are placed at service orgs.
Interpersonal connection and understanding is one goal
Social justice in curric - What does that look like in local community?
Building community within school transfer to building community outside of school
Building libraries in other schools (automating)
How to make comm serv integrated into the school rather than a check off or requirement?
Kick off event Susan Komen Race for Cure
Work with a local public school in need (older kids working with younger kids)
Comm serv combined with advisory program
Linked to student council - vote on what org gets the money raised throughout the year
YSOP Youth Serv opportunities program
Community service on weekend days and evenings
Operation Elf- create goodie bags and stockings made at school
Operation Santa - buy presents for specific kids
Earth Day-type of events on a specific day.
Duties split among several staff members with each taking a specific organization to work with or a class in the school.
Make packages of toiletries for homeless
4,5,6 students help teachers if they need supplies or organizing things
Trick or treat for unicef
Help maintain a local public school in need (clean up yard or paint)
Time to reflect is important.
Reading buddies (older with younger)
World Concern good at responding to tragedies and doing assemblies for schools. Work with small group of students to teach how an agency responds to a disaster. Free.
How do we distinguish b/t service learning and community service?
Concert to raise funds for Haiti.
Learning comes from planning an event too.
The habit of partic. in comm service hopefully will be part of child’s life after graduation
Cultivate awareness