Ken Rigby (Australia) and Dan Olweus (Norway) – International anti-bullying program gurus

Book – Best Friends, Worst Enemies

Definition of Bullying involves:
• Desire to hurt
• Hurtful action
• Power imbalance
• Evident enjoyment
• Repetition
• Sense of being oppressed on the part of the victim

Present definition to teachers and parents and students, put it in the handbook. Students sign a “Commitment to Community” document in advisory.

Girls – relational aggression, can be more subtle,

Consequences Chart
• Make a big one, list everything
• Develop a policy so teachers are clear and on same page

Online Bullying
• Really difficult
• What happens outside of school affect the community in school so it is our business

• Feather pillow metaphor
• Really a big issue

• Teach kids empathy explicitly
• Scenarios – one child being isolated, put-downs, etc
• Let kids generate both unkind and assertive, kind responses
• Organize a list of books that every teacher reads students to model responses
• Make it clear and explicit to students what responses to bullying or bad behavior are allowed and which aren’t
• Community service builds empathy

Resources ---
1. Green Chimneys - A school for really difficult kids, work with animals.
2. Bully Proof
3. Flirting or Hurting
4. Stanley King Institute – Counseling Conversations – helps you learn to listen more effectively to kids – week long training.