2011 Assistant and Division Heads Conference

January 26-28, 2011

Twitter: #NAHDH2011

Wednesday, January 26

General Session 1 –The Science of Human Potential
Speaker: David Shenk

A bunch of folks seemed interested in my take on the Tiger Mom thing. Here's a link to a piece I wrote. Maybe put it up on the wiki?


Thursday, January 27

About Unconference - Prezi

Open Space 2

Open Space 3

Session 4 – Student Mindsets and Their Role in School Success
Speaker: Kevin Mattingly

Friday, January 28

Session 5 – Engaging Student Attention (and subsequent memory) by Using Curiosity and Prediction
Speaker: Judy Willis, MD, M.Ed

General Session 6 –Getting Information Into the Brain, Through the Filters, and Up to the Highest Learning and Memory Center as YOU create your own RAD lesson or unit plan neuro-LOGICAL strategies
Speaker: Judy Willis, MD, M.Ed